Monday, January 18, 2010

winter i dont like you very much

i dont like your urban lumberjacks.

i dont like your hot coffee.

i dont like the way you ruined avatar because it was so cold when i left the theatre.

i dont like your basketball games that take president over hockey games even though 90% of people that play basketball play outdoors in the summertime.

i dont like the weight that you are throwing on to my person.

i dont enjoy the way you crawl through my air conditioning unit that i was too lazy to remove from the window.

i dont like the way you force me to stay home and watch pirated movies on the internet thus causing the cataclysmic crash of my computer on christmas eve.

i dont like the way you make brooklyn suck.

i dont like the fact that you forced all the attractive women of new york to hide in their fluffy white beds until spring.

i dont like you. i dont like you one bit.