Monday, January 12, 2009

take me to the river

i got back from a 2 week sabbatical in japan 3 days ago and i am already dead . its cold and there is snow everywhere. skateboarding is dead as well. what to do? baby, baby what to do with all this time.

- catch up on personal hygiene, i.e. take naps in the shower.

- handfuls of downers? shhh...

- start writing again.

- wait for ups to deliver boxes of product that i wont be able to use for the next 3 months

- drink red wine and fail to brush teeth

- watch the karate kid trilogy in reverse to get that where it all began effect. (i know there was a fourth but im sure that even pat morita would like to forget about that one.)

- balance check book ? cash only baby. i dont exist.

- sleep sleep sleep. (heroin? meh...)

- gain weight. which may not be a bad thing considering i have weighed the same amount since i was 15.

- video games? (join the army)

- meet nish and justin's lighters in the back of the basement of a bar that ive never been to. a freeloading girl with herpes on her lip that believes in wizardry and merlin can make you feel much better about your life.

- go back to japan. (to save your life)