Monday, September 8, 2008

still in chicago... mentally.

the gull linked this article which i thought was amazing. i had been trying to figure out how to word it, and they took care of it for me. its worth your weight to check out while waiting for the next gino installment.
the photo in the last post was taken from nish's window. its the light that sits in the vacant lot of the towers. it would be nice to know the real story of how those went down.
we got a new lens for the dream weaver. look out world, here we come... again. (expect the video to look something like that of the image on the view finder.) hopefully i will have somewhat of a trailer for you in the next 8 years. kidding... kidding, everyone is working hard. i saw it first hand in chicago last week. and just so you all can sleep easy, ken is doing good after bouncing his head off the bridge a few times. be careful on those things people. its not you that scares me, its everything around you.